over 100,000

Children diagnosed with cancer every year.

over 2,370 days

Mya courageously fought Neuroblastoma.

over 1000

Toys Donated.

over $1000

Dollars Donated

How it started

Miracles for Mya started as a fundraiser name from the moment that Mya was diagnosed. Since that time it has been used as the team name for fundraising events that Mya and her friends and family participated in along the way. The name has become a tradition now and it seems appropriate to continue the Miracles for May name as it has become synonymous with Mya’s legacy.

How it Continues

Mya was always very generous, kind and appreciative in her happiest times as well, and always impressively, in her somber times. In remembrance of Mya her friends and family want to continue her spirit, kindness and generosity by helping those that fight the fight she always smiled through. To do this they plan to give gifts to children and families, and hope to bring some light to them in their greatest time of need.  This is where gifts of kindness to the organization are so important. Without your help and kindness they couldn’t continue to provide the great gifts to so many families in need.

How you can help

Every child deserves toys that brighten their day, but even more so are the children who face the brave battle against cancer everyday. Throughout the year we make pilgrimages to local hospitals and distribute the toys that have been acquired through donation, or purchased with the funds raised through donations. We are accepting donations of all types throughout the year  to make these children’s lives brighter.